Monday, July 29, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}.


I am a makeup virgin...well sort of. I don't use a whole lot of makeup, really never have. I sort of cringe at all the time it takes to get all put together. But when I was sent this Olay FreshEffects BB cream to try out from Influenster I was both hesitant and ecstatic.
I have never used a BB cream before. I have heard a lot about them, but never bought one, or tried one. I knew it had to be good since when I opened my voxbox in front of my friend she about stole it right out of my hands! (and is still begging me to give it to her!) 


So here goes....This is my before BB cream picture. I hate my face. It has a lot of blemishes (and I feel it is just too round, which no BB cream can fix LOL).

And here is my after...Using the Olay FreshEffects BB cream and a some eye makeup (Covergirl of course).
I am loving this Olay BB Cream. It is so light and has just enough tint to it to cover all those pesky blemishes. I received the "fair to light" BB cream because that is how my skin is (unless I am in the sun a lot). I generally use a foundation, but with the heat it is just too much. So this was a great addition to my make up bag. The best part of the Olay FreshEffects BB cream is that is has SPF 15! So not only do I get a nice light coverage, but I get the added benefit of sun protection.
You can pick up your own Olay FreshEffects BB cream at Walmart for just $10.97. A great value since you are getting a light cover up and sun protection in one!

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