Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Favorite vehicles. #ChallengeToWrite

I have been absent for a couple days. I have had a lot going on, and none of it good. But I decided to take a moment tonight to check out the prompt for today. And honestly, I am not feeling it. I can't write about my favorite vehicle right now. I just don't have it in my heart.

What I will write about is my Uncle's "toys". I will never forget the 1st car I ever remember envying. It was my Uncle's Porsche when I was probably only 8 or 9 years old. It was a beautiful car. It was this blue color and it was so sleek and small. I remember thinking it was so cool that my Uncle would have such and awesome car. It was the first time I had ever seen a car that didn't have a backseat.  I feel instantly in love with it. Maybe this is where my obsession with Porsche's started.

Then when I was a teenager he was the first person I knew to own a Hum-vee. Not the ones you see on the road now, but an honest to God military like hummer. It was so COOL. It was big. It was noisy. It was a rough ride. But it was so neat. No car out there can compare to that big monsterous thing.

My Uncle always had the coolest "toys". I think he liked accumulating things. He had speed boats, and cigarette boats and house boats, jet ski's and even a floating house....yup a house that floated on the water that was NOT a boat,. And cars....oh the cars that man had... We used to go visit him and go tubing, and boating. He had an amazing house on a mountain lake.

My Uncle was amazing. He was my first crush (even though I knew I could never marry him, but as a child I adored him), he was my favorite person on this earth (after my parents). My Uncle was young. He was cool. He was fun. He was creative. He was loving.

At my wedding, to my first husband, my oldest son was just an infant and he was so fussy during the ceremony. My Uncle, who never had a children of his own, carried my baby around for the whole ceremony calming him and soothing him. He was amazing with my son.

I love my Uncle. Unfortunately I will never be able to tell him that again. My Uncle has been gone a year, and we weren't informed. My heart is broken. I feel we have had the right to grieve stolen from us. But I will always remember the fun times we had with him and his "toys". I will always love him.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Who is one of your favorite Authors and why? #Challengetowrite

Who's my favorite author???? Well who's not is a more accurate question. I love to read. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. If I have to pick just one it would be John Grisham. I have read, and owned, every book he has written. I don't know why, but from the first time I picked up my first Grisham book, I was hooked.

I love everything about the way he writes. Grisham has a way of making you feel like you are right in the story.  He writes about law and justice. At one time I thought about becoming a lawyer just because of Grisham's books. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Even the books that he as written that I didn't think I would like (A year with out Christmas, the Theodore Boone series) I really enjoyed.

My second favorite author....E.L James of course!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mornings. Day 2 #Challengetowrite

Good morning....NOT
Inevitably my day is going to start with the alarm clock. Oh how I hate the sound of a ringing alarm clock. Monday thru Friday my day starts with this annoying sound. Oh how I long for days when my day would start with a nice slow wake up to the sound of birds singing and a small bit of sun shining thru the curtains. But nope. Now that I have school aged kids we have to be up at a set time each and every single stinking day...7am
 I am not a morning person. Honestly, I loath mornings. Morning is my arch enemy. If I could sleep until 10-11am and then start my day, I believe I would be very happy. I tried to get into the whole waking up 30 minutes before the kids have to be up so that I could enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet time, but it didn't last very long. A) because coffee isn't my favorite drink (although I do drink it and I absolutely LOVE my keurig) and B) again....I hate mornings.
I have this very bad habit of hitting the snooze button....a so many times that if we didn't live 2 minutes from school (via car) my daughter would be tardy daily! But I do manage to get her up and ready for school and at school at HER requested time (she is at the age that she wants to be to school a little early to talk to her friends). Then I drag my butt home to wake the other monster and get him ready (much more of a battle). He goes to school an hour later than she does.
I would like to say that now I get to go back to laying in my bed for a while, but that seldom happens. The joys of a working mom. After I get them off to school, I take the husband to work and head off to my job for a few hours.
Now weekends....I live for weekends. I get to sleep in (haha if you call 8am sleeping in) and don't have the alarm clock witch beckoning my from my sweetest dreams. But, without fail, on most weekends I wake to the sound of my husband asking "can we go to the beach?"....I roll over and act like I didn't hear him and am still asleep...hehehe

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is your favorite thing about Summer? #ChallengeToWrite

There are so many things I LOVE about summer. I mean, really, what's not to love??? Sun, warmth, no snow, no bundling up in layer upon layer of clothing....did I mention WARMTH! LOL I know, I know you are thinking "hey wait a minute you live in Florida, it's warm all the time". Yes I live in Florida now, but until recently I lived in Upstate NY and up there you LIVE for the summer time.

Summer time in Upstate NY ment and end to the fight against snow-banks and finally getting your feet out of those big, hot nasty boots. It means warm days at the local lake and cool nights to sit around the bonfire. Summer in NY is cookouts and boating...and nice adult beverages with friends (big SMILEY face here).

I am quickly learning that summer in Florida means something entirely different. Summer in Florida means sand, sea and surf!

Yes that is my car loaded down with the kids and husbands surf boards
My husband grew up here in Florida so naturally him and my kids had to have surf boards. Now I am not much of an "ocean" person. Don't get me wrong I love the water. But the idea of being in the OCEAN in water that is at least to my waist (if not deeper) with things that can take my leg off (sharks duh!) or sting me (jellyfish) just really does nothing for me. But my kids had other ideas. And of course they took to the water like fish and have no fear of the relentless waves or things that may want to eat them (yes I know it's an irrational fear, but we are all allowed to have them), and yes I do sit and watch the water for the elusive fin to appear. 

So every weekend we load up the car and head to the beach. I love the beach. Not the sand that ends up everywhere, but I do love going to the beach and just sitting there doing nothing for a few hours. However, going to the beach with "surfers" can be boring for a non-surfer. My wonderful, attentive (said with a lot of sarcasm) husband gets the kids all set-up with their boards and then paddles himself out and we don't see him for HOURS! No I am not exaggerating. He will be gone for hours, leaving my with these two fish-kids. Now, my kids have yet to master the art of surfing. They are learning, but they still need a lot of hands on teaching. So when they come to me and want me to help them I have to laugh. I HAVE NO CLUE! I refuse to get on a board. 1. because I am the absolute biggest klutz on the face of the earth, and would either break the board or my neck(I am dead serious) 2. I DON'T GO IN ABOVE MY CALFS!(remember those sharks and jellyfish) 

Sitting at the beach can get boring even for kids. You have to make sure you bring something to do or they have a very good imagination. My kids can find just about anything to complain about. But when we are at the beach I seldom hear a complaint. They actually get along with each other! It's amazing. They can play in the water for hours, swimming, jumping waves or playing with their boards. They build sandcastles, look for shells, and bury each other in the sand. You'd be amazed at the places you can find sand once you leave the beach. Especially if you spend a few hours burying your sibling (I think they do this to each other as punishment).

So, now that I have just rambled on and on about the beach I guess you can say my favorite thing about summer is....the beach.
What's your favorite thing about summer?