Friday, November 30, 2012

Choices by Galia Ryan

Anna is an intelligent, self-motivated, goal-oriented woman who finds herself in a slight financial pinch. She has a good job as a senior lending specialist and makes decent money, but when the economy takes a slump she finds that her paychecks just aren’t going as far as they use to. She decides to take on a second job. The job search draws her into an escort agency. She is weary at first, but quickly finds that she enjoys taking on the role of “Chloe”, her sexy alter-ego. She thinks she has things under control until she meets the dominating Adam.

Adam is a sexy, demanding, intense lover. He treats Anna like she is his sex slave. At first she doesn’t know if she likes it, but soon is driven to be with him whenever he calls for her. Adam introduces Anna to a side of herself she didn’t know existed. He humiliates her, he gives her to others, he demands she not get any pleasure from him only gives it to him. And she likes it! Finds herself yearning for him.

Then she meets Jake. The boy next door….literally. She falls for him, but can’t be honest with him about her job. Her decision to quit the agency for him is met with disapproval from the agency mistress, Stephanie, and the ever demanding Adam (who has against all his wishes fallen for Anna, but won’t let her know). Anna is given the ultimate choice: leave the agency and have a “normal” life with Jake, or follow her heart (and her desires) and go with Adam….

This book is filled with the kind of intense sexual experiences you would only wish to have in your fantasies. Not only that but it puts into perspective just how far we can be willing to go for money and for love. We are never willing to admit to ourselves just how far we want to go to please our partners. This book makes you think about what it would be like to actually follow that kinky side of yourself and put sexual satisfaction before all else.

I truly enjoyed reading Choices. Galia Ryan did an excellent job keep you turned on right to the last page. 

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Anna is broke. Really broke. Credit cards maxed out. Store cards, too. She can’t make her repayments and there’s nowhere to turn. 

Educated, intelligent, and—until recently—upwardly mobile, Anna is forced to make a choice. Sink or swim. And swimming means finding a part-time job to complement her full-time career. One that would pay enough to get her head above water. Except that part-time jobs don’t pay. Usually. 

Drawn into the sordid world of private escorts, Anna discovers there is little she won’t do for money, lots and lots of money. She even starts to enjoy the sex. Until she meets an unusually seductive client who introduces her to the world of Dominance and submission. Then everything changes.

CHOICES is Book 1 of the Luxuria Trilogy.
Convent educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and ‘outside the square.’ Originally from Sussex, England and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. CHOICES is her first novel, and the first of a trilogy. SECRETS and LIES will be published by Fanny Press in 2013. You can find Galia on the Web at

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Forbidden Trilogy By Kimbery Kinrade

I received a copy of this newly release trilogy (all books have previously been published separately) from the author my my honest opinion. I received the book Saturday afternoon and by Saturday evening I was completely hooked. I have only made it thru book one so far due to family commitments, but so far it is great.

Sam is a young woman who is hoping, on her 18th birthday, to finally become a free woman. She has been kept in a "school" for special kids since she was a child. The school is for kids who have special powers (mind-reading, fire-starting, mind-control...ect). Not only does this school keep these kids captive, but it "rents" them out to rich people to do their dirty deeds.

Unexpectedly things change for Sam. She returns from a job to find her mentor gone and her life's work (art) destroyed. And that's not all. Sam "meets" a new boy, Drake. While she doesn't meet him face to face they have an undeniable, unexplained link and communicate telepathically with each other, and fall in love. Little did either of them know that they would some become expectant parents and wanted people.

I don't want to ruin the whole book for you so I am not going to go into detail about what these two have to go thru. This is a great book for any age reader (13+). I can't wait to finish the trilogy and pass it on to my son to read. It is right up his alley with the paranormal, x-men like feel to it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Office romance has never been hotter

Just Chemistry By Vera Jax

Sam, a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it, is also a love shy nymphomaniac.  She has sworn off relationships because men just don’t “get” her.  She has a healthy appetite for sex and knows what she likes and makes sure her partners know it. That is until she meets the hot, equal sexually demanding, Logan.

At first you think that these two just are not going to mix well, with both of them being more of the dominating type of personalities. By from day one the sexual chemistry of these two just mix to make an amazing experience. Both learn that it is fulfilling to both dominate and submit during their love-making.

Logan realizes early on that he can’t live without the stand-offish Sam in his life. But Sam has trouble getting past the fact that they work for the same company and her fear of relationships. It takes a terrible car accident and also a sick, sexually perverse boss to get her to come around and understand and except her feelings for Logan.

My thoughts: Have you ever met someone and known that you had to have them? You are instantly drawn to that person and know that if you don’t have them you will burn up with sexual need? Don’t we all wish that we could find this type of attraction? The sexual tension in this book starts in the first chapter and continues right to the final page. It is not for the timid or shy person. If you find that you are lacking a good book since you finished “Fifty Shades” than add this book to your wish list! While it may not be as kinky as what you are used to from “Fifty Shades” it still gets the fires going. I LOVED that it  had the women, Sam, being a sexual dominating person and that even though she found the equally dominating Logan, she didn’t become submissive to him, rather they both learned to be both dominating and submissive in turn. Once you start reading this book be prepared to be turned on right up to the last page!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Worst 24 hours of my life to date....

The last 24 hours have been a hellish roller coaster of emotions for our family. Last night Zach, our 11 year old son with Cystic Fibrosis, ended up being rushed to the ER and admitted into th PICU. 

After school yesterday Zach seemed fine. I picked him up and he was excited about the feild trip they had taken to the IMax Theatre and Chic-fil-a. We got home and he did what he normal does after school, unwound with the Xbox for a little while. We picked his father up from work at 5pm and went home and had dinner about 6:30. After dinner he did his chest therapy and played Xbox with dad. At 7:30 he told us he was going to bed and off he went.

About 1/2 hour later I heard him make a gagging/coughing noise and called out to him expecting him to tell me he was fine. He didn't answer and his sister went to check on him. About the same time he walked into the livingroom in a daze and projectile puked all over the floor. So I was thinking "ok stomach bug, no big deal" took him in the bathroom, where he puked more and got him cleaned up. As I was cleaning him up his dad went into his bedroom and found that he had puked all over his bed and there were blankets on the floor covered in puke. I told his dad to take the pukey stuff over to my mother-in-laws (about 3 mins away) and throw them in the wash so they don't stink. As he was gone, I finished cleaning Zach up and put him back in bed with a bucket and cool cloth on his forward, as I would for any of my kids when they have the stomach bug.

About 5 minutes later, enough time for me to clean up the puke off the livingroom floor, I heard the gagging/coughing sound again and me and my daughter rush to the bedroom. Zach is sitting on the bed puking into the blankets. I tried to get him to take the bucket to puke in but he couldn't follow even simple commands. This is when I realize that something is seriously wrong with my son. I call his dad and tell him to get home now he has to go to ER.

We rush him to Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, about a 5 minute drive (which seemed like 30) and it was like a scene out of ER or Chicago Hope. I run into the ER with my son in my arms, not responding to me, not able to focus on anything and gagging, screamin "somebody help me now!" I swear every patient in the ER waiting room was looking at me, and a nurse from the adult ER pointed and told me to go to the children's, while I was thinking "SCREW YOU  JUST HELP ME!"

While I am waiting for them to get us (literally about 2 minutes if that, but seemed like forever) one patient tells me "there's a bathroom right there don't let him puke out here". "REALLY!!!!! THE KID CAN'T STAND OR FUNCTION AND SHE WANTS ME TO TAKE HIM IN A BATHROOM!!! About this time, the nurse opens the triage door and as she is forcing the family in it out the back of it is rushing us in. They rush us right back to a room, where once again it was like walking into an episode of ER there were a TON of Doctors and Nurses waiting for him. They immediatly hook him up to IV's and try to get him to respond and nothng is working. They started talking like they think he took an overdose of something or something. So they drew blood, put a catheter in and took urine, hooked up EKG leads and O2 monitors. I AM FREAKED OUT! The kid still isn't responding to anyone and can't focus on anything.

They finally get some blood results back and find out that his sodium level was dangerously low. The ER doc says that that explains all the symptoms and that he was admitting my son into the PICU so they can administer hypertonic saline solution and slowly bring the level back up.

So for the first few hours in the PICU things kind of just went on. Zach would wake up confused, look at us like he was lost, fight a little and go back to sleep. About 4am Zach wakes up and stripes all the blankets off himself (he is butt-naked under them) and tries to climb out of bed. I try to talk him back into bed but end up having to physically restrain him, a nurse has to come in and help me and he just more combatative and anger. I asked him if he knew his name, he didn't. did he know who I was, he didn't. did he know where he was, he didn't. he didn't know anything! More nurses have to come in and help hold him down. He is screaming and kicking and crying, yelling at us to "leave him alone" and "help him". I lose it. I have to leave the room. I can't stand watching them physically restrain my son. They were trying to put restraints on him and get ativan in him and calm him down, but I just couldn't take it. I ran!

Once I was calmed down and could breathe myself again, I went back to the room (maybe 15 mins). They had gotten 3 restraints on him and had given him 2 doses Ativan, and he was still going off about every 5 mins! it took another 15 mins before he was finally out.

Monday, November 19, 2012


I am so excited. I woke up this morning,  checked my email and found an awesome email from Crystal & Co (  saying I had won her giveaway for Disney Pixar’s BRAVE Collector’s Edition DVD Combo Pack! We just watched this movie the other night for the 1st time with the kids (on pay-per-view) and absolutely loved it. Ki'a is going to love getting this for Christmas :)

Off  to enter some more great giveaways...maybe I will win something great for Tristan & Zach too :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ending soon and low entries!

I just happened across this little giveaway. It ends in just a little while and it has low entries. You can win either a $10 Sephora gift card or a $10 amazon gift card. I would love to have either...the sephora for me and the amazon for my daughter. Both are great ways to start (or finish)your Christmas shopping. Just follow the link below to enter....BUT HURRY UP!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Coffee among "Friends"

Growing up in the 90's one of my favorite TV shows was "Friends"...who didn't love watching the hysterical comedy of Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phebe, Rachel and Ross. With all the in's and out's of their messed up crazy relationships, I think we all could relate to something that happened during the 10 seasons it was on the air. We all sat on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if Rachel was really going to get on that plane in the last episode and leace Ross behind. And who can't think of the ever flighty, crazy Phebe anytime they smell a "stinky cat" (lmao this little diddy runs thru my head everytimg I clean the litter box).

Well here's a chance to win a Friends prize pack with two over sized cappuccino mugs and a picture frame just like the one on Monica’s door. Just visit my friends blog and enter the giveaway and you could win a  chance to have "coffe with Friends" everyday

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another great giveaway....MAKEUP!

I always have a hard time buying makeup because, well frankly, I just don't know what colors look good on me. I am getting a little better at it, but still have a long ways to go. I love that this company,, asks questions not just about you skin, eye and hair color but also about you style likes. I said I am "boho chic"...which well yeah it fits LOL.

And Pink Dandy Chatter has a chance to win a personalized set! Follow the link below to enter

Puma Giveaway

Looky Looky what I just came across! Who doesn't like new workout clothing. I love Puma shoes. They are super comfy. I would love to win this whole set: Jacket, pants, top AND shoes!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mens Cologne giveaway

So my wonder mother-in-law is big on blogging and giveaways and all that such stuff. Well I must say it is an adiction that rubs off. Once you start you just can't stop. I keep stumbling upon these wonder giveaways to enter. What better way to get some of your Christmas stuff out of the way.

I just happened across this great giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 2 colognes, Hugo Boss' Bottled Sport or LaCosta Eau De LaCosta. My husband would love either these scents. For your chance to enter this giveaway click the link below and enter...maybe you can win one too


Wow...Obviously I am no good at keeping track of things. I started this blog back in January and have done nothing with it since. So to get back on track I am making myself post daily....well weekly...well hell if I can keep up and post a couple times a month that would be amazing...

Rambling on and goes...

Since January there have been MAJOR changes. We moved to Florida back in September. It is nice being where it's warm and the salt air is great for Zach.

CF has been ruling our life as of late. Zach has had an infection that has been a pain in the rear to get rid of. And to top it off we had to fight with insurance to get the antibiotic he needed...well i guess when your talking about a $3500 14 day supply of an antibiotic you are going to get a fight. Thank God Pfizer helped us out and covered the co-pay that we could not afford at this time. I can't imagine our insurance, or anyone's insurance with a CFer, likes us very much. Zach's monthly meds, without being sick, run about $18,000(before insurance coverage). And that doesn't even include the cost of any supplies we need (neb kit's, new vest ect). Speaking of vests...Zach got his new vest, it is sweet. Camo colored, the front doesn't come up to his neck like his old one, it fits more like a vest (with the "v" neck line) and the hoses come in at the sides and instead of velcor it has clip straps (which makes it so much better). He told me this morning he LOVES his new vest (he even did it without anyone telling him to!) SWEET CHEST THERAPY COMPLIANCE!!!! We LOVE compliancy!

OH an our new CF clinic @Nemours Childrens Hospital here in Jacksonville, its great. At our first visit they gave me a binder (oh how I love binder's and organization!), to keep all his records in and with lots of info on diet (high calorie food idea's) and site links for help with things, and med lists and just lots of stuff. I love that at every visit they will give me a copy of his PFT's (for those who don't know, this is basically the measure of how well your lungs are working and we keep very close track of what they measure) So now I can see and keep track an know when something isn't write.

ok ok I have rambled enough about CF now the fun part...the OCEAN! The kids have taken to the ocean like fish. They LOVE it! If they had their way they would spend everyday at the beach. They love finding shells (and have even found a starfish and 2 good size conch shells (which are hard to find)). Zach loves getting out there on the skim board and riding in the surf, and he's pretty good at it. Ki'a, is her father's daughter, she wants to be on the surf board!