Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hasbro Houseparty Twister & Bejeweled Game Night Slumber Party

I got to host an AWESOME event this past weekend for Houseparty, a Hasbro Twister & Bejeweled Game Night Slumber party.

In our house we love playing games, any kind of games. So to be able to receive some fun games from Houseparty to play and have fun with was great! We received classic Twister, Bejeweled and Twister Ringz from Houseparty. We also received a coupon for Twister Dance Rave and a box of single serve bags (10) of Simply Natural White Cheddar Cheetos.

We invited a bunch of my daughters friends over to a game night slumber party on Saturday 10/19.

A few of the girls

 Now if you have daughters you know that slumber parties are INSANE to begin with.  There is loud music, and lots of food, and dancing and gossip (all girls have to gossip even at 10&11), and of course games.

The girls had a blast playing the classic Twister game (it's a game we like to play at any party). We all know that Twister is so much more fun when you have a lot of people. You set up the mat, and mom (of course) gets the fun of being the Twister guru, and then the real fun begins....becoming a tangled mess of arms and legs!

I think Twister is by far one of my kids, and all the kids who attending the slumber party, favorite games. You can't help but become a tangled mass of giggling bodies. I remember playing Twister when I was a kid. The game mat seemed a lot bigger then! We really enjoyed the option to get crazier with Twister on the back of the spinner (left hand on yellow and bark like a dog!) We even got creative and made up our own crazy options.

The Bejeweled board game is a great way to bring internet games to life. 

All the girls had to get there hands in there to set the board up. We had to read the instructions a couple of times until we understood exactly how to play the game. But once you got the hang of it it was a pretty fun and easy game to play. However, this group of girls decided that playing it by the rules was no fun so they just went at it how they wanted to and had a blast.