Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chef's Delight

The last book in a great series, The New Years Eve Club. Heather is the last of her friends to find her a man. She has watched all her best friends find wonderful matches. Or  Teresa Carpenter is a great author. She did a wonderful job bringing the series to a close. And now it looks like her life is falling apart. He father, whom she moved home to help take care of and run the family diner, has unexpectedly gotten married and decided to move away with his high school sweetheart. This send Heather for a loop. And on top of the he sells the diner! To her new neighbor, the "former Navy Seal".

This man is HOT! Joss (what a name! I love it). Even though this man is hot and sends Heather into a hot mess everytime he is near, she has vowed to never date the boy (well I should say man) next door ever again.

These two push each others buttons everytime they are near. But Joss has bought the diner, and he really has no clue what he is doing. So he makes a compromise with Heather (thanks to her dad). Heather is a woman of action and when Joss starts telling her of his plans for the diner, she quickly puts them into action.

Of course these two are destined to become a pair. You will just have to read the book yourself to see how it all plays out. And when you get to the end you will see how everyone of them has paired up.

This series was great.  I like how there was different authors for each book. They did a fabulous job working together on the New Years Eve Club. I look forward to more books by all these authors.

**i recieved this book from the author for my honest oppinion.


  1. Christal, so glad you enjoyed our series. It was a blast writing with all my friends. And Heather was fun, she did enjoy messing with Joss's mind. And body!