Friday, March 15, 2013

Garnier Triple Nutrition

Garnier Triple Nutrition is a breakthrough in moisturizing for hair, body and face (at only $5.99 a bottle). I received a bottle of Garnier Triple Nutrition from Bzzagent to try and report on. While I love how it moisturizes my skin (and God knows with the harsh winter weather it is hard to keep your skin moisturized), I was not thrilled with the way it made my hair look.

I sprayed some Triple Nutrition on my damp hair after a shower and it did made it smoother and easier to brush out. However, once my hair completely dried it left it looking greasy. Which for me was a big turn off.

Using it on my legs after a shave left them feeling wonderful and hydrated. It did not leave them feeling greasy nor did it leave my hands feeling greasy after applying it.

(before on left, after on right)

As far as using it on your face, well that I will leave up to you. I have some dry spots on my face that I liberally applied the Triple Nutrition to and it helped them look much better.

So as far as the Garnier Triple Nutrition goes I would give it a definate thumbs up for body and face use and I would recommend you try it out on your hair on a day you have time to rewash if it leaves you feeling greasy (as some may have different results on their hair than I did).

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