Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mornings. Day 2 #Challengetowrite

Good morning....NOT
Inevitably my day is going to start with the alarm clock. Oh how I hate the sound of a ringing alarm clock. Monday thru Friday my day starts with this annoying sound. Oh how I long for days when my day would start with a nice slow wake up to the sound of birds singing and a small bit of sun shining thru the curtains. But nope. Now that I have school aged kids we have to be up at a set time each and every single stinking day...7am
 I am not a morning person. Honestly, I loath mornings. Morning is my arch enemy. If I could sleep until 10-11am and then start my day, I believe I would be very happy. I tried to get into the whole waking up 30 minutes before the kids have to be up so that I could enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet time, but it didn't last very long. A) because coffee isn't my favorite drink (although I do drink it and I absolutely LOVE my keurig) and B) again....I hate mornings.
I have this very bad habit of hitting the snooze button....a so many times that if we didn't live 2 minutes from school (via car) my daughter would be tardy daily! But I do manage to get her up and ready for school and at school at HER requested time (she is at the age that she wants to be to school a little early to talk to her friends). Then I drag my butt home to wake the other monster and get him ready (much more of a battle). He goes to school an hour later than she does.
I would like to say that now I get to go back to laying in my bed for a while, but that seldom happens. The joys of a working mom. After I get them off to school, I take the husband to work and head off to my job for a few hours.
Now weekends....I live for weekends. I get to sleep in (haha if you call 8am sleeping in) and don't have the alarm clock witch beckoning my from my sweetest dreams. But, without fail, on most weekends I wake to the sound of my husband asking "can we go to the beach?"....I roll over and act like I didn't hear him and am still asleep...hehehe


  1. I don't like morning's myself I've always been the "night owl" but when you have children those days are long gone. Great post BTW!

  2. Love your writing! I used to be a night owl too and then 2 kids later I get up at 5-6am just enjoy my coffee!