Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting crafty

Cooler air always puts me in the mood to get crafty. Don't know if it's the fact that I hate gettin cold or if I am just a closet winter crafter LOL. It helps that my daughter absolutely loves to do crafts. SOOO this past week we accomplished 2 fairly simple crafts.

The first of which served a dual purpose....our 3 month old kitten is a naughty kitten and has decided that climbing our Christmas tree and knocking the bulbs off (and breaking them) if a fun playtime. So our tree ended up being fairly bare.

 So we took a trip to our FAVORITE store.....Hobby Lobby.....and found our solution.

These cute littl reindeers are super easy to make.

NEED per reindeer:

3X 10 inch peice of Jute
1X 12 inch piece of Jute
4X 18mm wood bead
1X 20mm wood bead
1X 25mm wood bead
1X tiny red gemstone

1. knot 1 end of a 10" piece of jute. slide 2X 2mm wood beads on it. tie the other end off. Fold it in 1/2 slide thru the 25mm wood bead so it makes a loop.

2. slide the remainder pieces of jute thru the loop.

3. slide a 18mm bead on each side of 1 of the shorter pieces of jute. tie them off.

4. slide the remainder pieces thru the 20mm wood bead. using the longer piece of jute tie a knot to make the loop.  the other 2 ends of jute get knotted off to form the "antlers".

5. glue the red gemstone on the 20mm bead are done.

(I couldn't get the beads to stop sliding off the jute so I used a little hot glue to secure them.)

The 2nd idea I got off of Pinterest. I  couldn't find a wreath that I liked for our front door so this was a simple solution to that....and it cost less than a wreath.

 letter (your choice of size. mine is 9.5")
 holly berry's (the # depends on the size of the letter)
burplap "ribbon" (i used a fat burlap and folded it in 1/2 and it used about 48" in length of it)

To Make:
1. Hot glue berries on letter
2. use 24" of the burlap to make a loop. string it thru the letter (if possible)
3. 24" to make the bow. hot glue bow to top of loop.....

and your finished.

Next week starts our long Christmas break so watch for more Christmas crafts.

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  1. Those turned out so cute. Love the wreath. I just shared them on google+, fb, twitter & pinterest.