Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding Claire Fletcher By Lisa L. Regan

As a young girl Claire thought she had her life planned out. Little did she know that one fateful mistake would change the course of her life forever.  At 15 Claire made the mistake of being a friendly, helpful girl and it cost her her freedom….she was abducted.  Not only was she abducted but she was held prisoner for 10 years by the pedophile freak.

This book lets us see into the hell that became Claire’s life. Her capture abused her, raped her, starved her and killed because of her. Claire is now 25 and is fighting for her freedom unsuccessfully. That is until she meets Connor, a police detective. But Claire’s voyage into freedom is not easy and it puts Connor’s and her family’s lives in danger. 

The book flashes between the present, Connors search for Claire and the past, what Reynard (her abductor) did to her. It is a great book. It is sad, happy, hopeful, frightening and sickening. You feel so many emotions while reading this book. Have a tissue handy!

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