Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Pleasure Room-Reviewer

( I received the ebook "The Pleasure Room" by D.N. Simmons from Innovative Book Tours in return for my review.)

BDSM books are hot on the rise these days. With characters like Christian Grey and Alex Crossfire, sex in books has taken on a whole new role....a more exciting, tempting, dare we say taboo role.

The Pleasure Room has taken erotica to a new level. This book is definitely not for the shy girl looking to spice up her bedroom. This book is hardcore from the start. There is a wide variety of characters in this book. From the not quite shy, but rather vanilla Felicity and her smart-mouth opinionated pale Allison, to the hot as sin, sexy, kinky, Alistair and his "interesting" club...The Porterhouse Elm.

Felicity is a reporter who is tired of writing small stories, she wants to be a big time investigative reporter. When she hears of a major scandal involving the soon to be re-elected Mayor and a kinky sexy club, she decides to go undercover and get to the bottom of the story.  From her first visit to The Porterhouse Elm, she is transfixed by what she sees, and a little confused as to how she feels about it. 

As she pushes forward with the story she meets the dashing, charming, English....and most certainly kinky Alistair. Alistair puts Christian Grey to shame with his level of kink. His sex club, The Porterhouse Elm (an anagram for The Pleasure Room) is beyond "red room" kink. From its open displays of public sex(in many forms) to its endless supply of fetish "toys" that make the imagination go wild, the club brings BDSM to a new level.

Once you open this book, if you dare to try to handle this level of erotica, you wont be able to close it. 

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