Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Crusty Murder by J.M Griffin

(I recieved a e-copy of the book "A Crusty Murder" by J.M. Griffin from Innovative book tours in return for my review.)

Melina is living the simple life of a bread baker in Providence when an unexpected turn of events turns her normally humdrum routine into a frenzied game of life or death. Upon finding her mean, unlikable landlady dead in her neighbors tarot shop with a piece of her crusty bread stuffed in her mouth the race is on to find out who the murderer is and who they will try to kill next.

Added to the excitement is the visiting sexy, exotic, Scottish Aidan. Melina is furiously attracted to Aidan, but once the murders begin she finds herself unable to trust her feelings or him. 

When another shop owner is found murdered in her shop with another of Melina's bakery goods stuffed in her mouth; Melina, Aidan, and BettyJo (fellow shop owner and friend) embark on an adventure to find out who the murder is before they strike again.

J.M Griffin does a good job keeping the reader entertained. While reading the book you are constantly trying to figure out who has it out for these shop owners. This book isn't my usual cup of tea, but I enjoyed reading  it all the same.

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