Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool

If your kids are anything like mine it is a battle to get them to brush their teeth. It's like WWIII in my house twice a day to get them to do their teeth brushing. So I was thrilled and nervous when I got the invitation from Smiley360 to try out a new kid friendly toothpaste from Tom's of Maine.

Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool is an all-natural toothpaste. It is made with kids ages 8-12 in mind (but is safe for kids as young as 2). It has a nice minty taste that helps to freshen breath like adult toothpaste minus the "hot" taste adult toothpaste has. It fights cavities, strengthens enamel and freshens breath all while having no artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or sweeteners. 

My daughter is the one who is a pain to find toothpaste for. She hates the bubblegum taste of kid toothpaste, but finds adult toothpaste to "hot" or "spicy". As you can see from the above picture she LOVED Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! 

Even my son said "wow mom that taste good!"

Tom's of Maine has been come a staple in our medicine cabinet. Now getting my kids to brush is no longer a hassle. They just do it!

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