Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Atonement by Elle Chardou

We all do things we regret. We all make mistakes we wish would could fix. But what happens when you make the ultimate mistake and it
causing someone their life or the life of their loved one? Well you could make a promise to yourself that no matter what you will always look
out for the people left behind. This book is a story of how on man takes it upon himself to right his brothers wrong. It is a well written book
with plenty of emotional twists and turns. I received this book free from the author for my true unbiased review.

Deirdre thinks she has her life under control. She a life-long college student with many degrees under her belt and headed towards a PhD. But that
all changes with one phone call from her step-mother. Her father is dead, he was hit by a hit and run driver. Dierdre is devastated, so she moves
back home (with her best friend, Drew, right behind her) and attempts to put her life back together.

Caitlyn, Deirdre's little sister, took their fathers death better. She went on with her life. She is a successful business woman with her life
ahead of her. Even though she is the younger of the two, she tends to play the "mother figure" in their relationship.

Drew, is Deirdre's former lover and best friend. He is still deeply in love with her, but does she return the feelings?

Colin, is a rich kid who plays at working at a bar with Drew. He is also one of the people who have vowed to look our for Deirdre at all costs. What
he doesn't realize is how fast he is going to fall for her.

Liam, is Colin's brother and the reason for all this mess. While he is a very successful man, he is also still a little boy who thinks the world
revolves around him and his happiness and pleasure. This little boy inside of him is the reason he makes stupid life decisions and causes heartbreak.

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