Wednesday, June 25, 2014

4th of July Crochet


With the 4th of July right around the corner I thought it was a great idea to start finding some neat red/white/blue patriotic things to make. 

In found this really neat wreath idea (I love haging stuff on my door for whatever holiday it is). I took the basic idea from RedHeart and revamped it to what I wanted.  You can pretty much do these however you want using whatever you want.  I chose to wrap my Styrofoam wreath in red,  white and a little blue red heart super saver yarn. I broke out the hot glue gun to make sure the yarn stayed attached to the wreaths (I only used a little bit of glue on the beginning and end of each section of color). Once I had that done,  I decided what embellishments I wanted to put on it.  I chose to do 3 simple one round stars on the blue and made crochet letters that say USA in blue.  To hang it I took 
red, white and blue yarn and chain stitched them together. This created a real neat looking rope to hang it with. 

 You can find the stiny star pattern at

had already made this cute little boy 4 th of july outfit last spring,
 so I decided to figure out something for a girl. I found this super cute ruffled skirt pattern and thought it was perfect! Just playing around i decided to make a cute little triangle motif bikini top to go with it.  

And off course I HAD to make some patriotic barefoot sandals to go with the outfit, after all no outfit is complete with out the shoes! These baby star barefoot 
Sandals are the perfect accessory!

No outfit is complete with out some hair bling! I had made some small red/white/blue flowers that I thought I was going to use on something else. My daughter needed something for her hair in red and white so I grabbed some bobby pins and pinned these cute little flowers into her hair. Perfect quick hair accessory.

This is a quick triple layer flower, that you can make in any color you want. I love the way it turned out with the red/white/blue. I simply attached it to a cute mesh headband (you can really use any headband pattern you want) and vola....cute headband for the 4th of July.


You can visit my etsy shop to purchase these and many more cute creations!

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