Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Cleaner

Aromatherapy while I clean??? Please, all I smell when I clean is bleach!

Well not anymore! I had the pleasure of trying out a new countertop cleaner from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaners. And boy am I loving it!

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day has a variety of products to chose from, and they are all scented! There are 18 different cleaning products, everything from the countertop cleaner (household cleaners) to handsoap (hand and body), laundry detergent(laundry) and even candles (air freshners)!

Once you decide what products you want you then get to chose your scent (this is aromatherapy cleaning after all!). They have 14 different scents: basil, lavender, lemon verbena, geranium (which is what my countertop cleaner is), sunflower, rosemary, bluebell, honeysuckle, radish, apple, watermelon, baby blossom, parsley and rhubarb. Not all products come in every scent. There are 3 scents (basil, lavender and lemon verbena) that all the products come in, for those who like to make sure all their cleaning supplies smell the same.
 Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products are not tested on animals and are 98% naturally derived
Even the price on these products is great! They range from $3.99 to $15.99(laundry detergents).

I use my countertop spray at least once a day. I love the refreshing spring scent (I live in Upstate NY were still battling snow!) The Geranium scent freshens my kitchen while disinfecting the counters.

**I received my Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray from Smiley360 for me to try and give my honest review.

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