Friday, November 23, 2012

Office romance has never been hotter

Just Chemistry By Vera Jax

Sam, a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it, is also a love shy nymphomaniac.  She has sworn off relationships because men just don’t “get” her.  She has a healthy appetite for sex and knows what she likes and makes sure her partners know it. That is until she meets the hot, equal sexually demanding, Logan.

At first you think that these two just are not going to mix well, with both of them being more of the dominating type of personalities. By from day one the sexual chemistry of these two just mix to make an amazing experience. Both learn that it is fulfilling to both dominate and submit during their love-making.

Logan realizes early on that he can’t live without the stand-offish Sam in his life. But Sam has trouble getting past the fact that they work for the same company and her fear of relationships. It takes a terrible car accident and also a sick, sexually perverse boss to get her to come around and understand and except her feelings for Logan.

My thoughts: Have you ever met someone and known that you had to have them? You are instantly drawn to that person and know that if you don’t have them you will burn up with sexual need? Don’t we all wish that we could find this type of attraction? The sexual tension in this book starts in the first chapter and continues right to the final page. It is not for the timid or shy person. If you find that you are lacking a good book since you finished “Fifty Shades” than add this book to your wish list! While it may not be as kinky as what you are used to from “Fifty Shades” it still gets the fires going. I LOVED that it  had the women, Sam, being a sexual dominating person and that even though she found the equally dominating Logan, she didn’t become submissive to him, rather they both learned to be both dominating and submissive in turn. Once you start reading this book be prepared to be turned on right up to the last page!

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